Courses & Workshops

All my advisory work and training is bespoke and is adapted to the individual firm or company’s specific needs, requirements and importantly its culture.

Training sessions can be in groups or on a one to one basis.

The duration of  courses range from half a day to a full day although sessions lasting just a couple of hours can also be of value particularly with individuals or very small groups.

Courses are designed for executives, associates, managers, board members and partners either separately or together.

Sessions are interactive and informal with the maximum amount of participation from attendees; in the half or full day sessions, I use role play, workshops and breakout groups to encourage both participation and teamwork amongst participants.

Courses and Workshops

Listed below are some examples of typical training sessions (Please click on the title to read the article).

Demystifying Business Development - The Elephant in the Room

  • current trends in the profession and the shifting balance of power
  • the importance of BD and the role partners/associates/managers as Ambassadors of the firm
  • common obstacles to action
  • reasons for  apathy and fear of rejection amongst professionals and how to overcome these; successfully moving out of one's "comfort zone"
  • the true meaning of "cross selling" both between practice groups, offices and with clients
  • the power of relationships and the importance of deepening client relationships
  • what clients, General Counsel, CEOs and CFOs really want
  • what makes up the service element
  • successful pricing and AFAs

Business Development for Women Professionals

As above but addresses specific obstacles, skills and difficulties faced by women in professional firms, stronger emphasis on networking, follow up and asking for work. Includes open and frank group discussion on issues facing women professionals within the firm (including internal networking and mentoring) and externally with existing and prospective clients.

Advanced Selling Skills

  • advanced networking, selling and cross referring
  • moving from commodity provider to trusted advisor status
  • how to truly deepen client relationships
  • examples of success stories
  • preparing a personal business plan strategy and implementing and monitoring
  • breakout work sessions where participants produce a client specific BD strategy and plan for next 6 months.

Networking Skills

  • identifying networks which work for you and the firm
  • identifying realistic opportunities competitive advantage and key targets or contacts
  • taking control
  • how to "work a room" without fear or embarrassment
  • breaking into and away from groups
  • basic essential skills and active listening
  • how to follow-up effectively post networking events

Defining True Excellence in Legal Services

  • the key elements of the service equation
  • what does true excellence “look like” and how is it defined by our clients
  • evidence from General Counsel and others
  • common criticism of law firms including fee issues
  • the art of  "owning " the client's matter
  • being a "big picture lawyer"
  • restaurants and the danger of "coffee stains on the table cloth"
  • pacing your advice
  • managing client expectations
  • going the extra mile and the art of positive surprise
  • listening skills and developing an understanding of clients' businesses – who contributes in the firm to true excellence and who benefits and how

Pitching to Win

  • typical pitching process
  • opportunity assessment including capability assessment
  • fee potential and odds of success
  • understanding clients' needs – internal and external research
  • fixing and sticking to time lines
  • assembling materials and responding to RFPs
  • use of language and tailoring styles
  • pre presentation checklist and rehearsal
  • presentation on the day
  • common mistakes and keys to success
  • what is a winning as opposed to a losing Value Proposition
  • following up effectively post pitch

Intensive Beauty Contest/ Pitch Training

Day 1

  • pre-selected teams of partners and associates present their firm to a fictitious client (based on written brief sent in advance)
  • each team must convince a panel of judges to select the firm for the mandate in a 35 minute presentation
  • team presentations are then followed up by a Plenary Session where I present on "best practice" in pitches
  • general feedback and selection of the winning team.

Where practical, all presentations are to be professionally filmed.

Day 2

  • feedback and follow up day involving 1 hour sessions with each team who are required to self evaluate their performance and that of their team as a whole
  • includes provision of one-to-one feedback, advice and appraisal.

Partner and All Firm Retreats

Acting as a Keynote Speaker and/or Moderator at special partners’ meetings or firm retreats.

In the past this has included running group workshops, interviewing a panel of invited client CEOs, Chief Financial Officers and General Counsel and chairing and moderating at practice groups or industry focused meetings.